Rosie is able to design tailor-made workshops according to your organisational needs.

Workshops are experiential and use a variety of arts modalities to explore a range of relevant themes and issues. Arts modalities include drama, sewing, craft and art-making.

Previous workshops include:

Tender Loving Care: self-care for pre-school drama educators - The Learning Connections

Understanding Leaderhip - NUS CFA

Self-Care Jamming - Sayoni

Sew What - Singapore Mental Health Film Festival

Understanding The Impact of Sexual Assault on Survivors - The Esplanade


Rosie designs and facilitates arts-based, experiential workshops with teachers and students. Themes include understanding mental health and self care; self harm and what to do; suicide prevention; spotting and managing harmful behaviours; self esteem.

Previous workshops include:

Understanding Anxiety and Depression in Primary School Children


Workshop Themes

  • Self-Care

  • The Effects of Trauma

  • Understanding Mental Health – Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, Substance Misuse, Self Harm

  • Empathy Building

  • Spotting Addiction, Supporting Recovery

  • Enhance your Presence

  • Introducing Mindfulness

  • Perinatal Depression/Anxiety Support

  • I am Enough – Building Self Esteem in a Difficult World