In helping me set up the experiential program for drug addicted adolescents at the CRC, Rosie was invaluable at every stage and in every area. From the programs’ initial inception and creation to marshalling resources and staff all the way through to delivery, her natural ability as an emotion focused therapist in combination with her experience in teaching the dramatic arts translated into a capacity to reach even the most determinedly hostile youth.

Allied to a therapist skill set that includes cognitive and experiential modalities, Rosie is one of a select few therapists practising in Singapore today who actually has the requisite skills, knowledge, training and experience to treat addictions and psychological trauma.
— Suresh Joseph MBBS, EMDR Psychotherapist in Private Practice. Living Free Psychotherapy services for Trauma, Addictions and Disorders of Extreme Stress.

“I have had the pleasure of witnessing Rosie in duo elements - as lecturer and as facilitator. She taught me the module ‘Ethics in Applied Drama’ while I was a student in Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology and I participated in her Applied Theatre workshop ‘Understanding the Impact of Sexual Assault on Survivors’.

Rosie has the rare ability to connect with everybody she works with, and possesses a complex blend of tenderness, skill and knowledge. What I find most impressive about Rosie is her emphasis on and ability to create both a safe and stimulating environment, regardless of the theme or location of her work. As a student and participant, that was the most important factor for my growth and journey.”
— Teng Ziying, Applied Theatre Practitioner and Youth Worker

I was just a week sober when I signed up for group therapy. Rosie was one of the first therapists I had ever encountered in my life. I was feeling nervous, scared and anxious. Rosie was quick to recognize that I was feeling dysregulated and assured me that these feelings were completely understandable. She is kind, compassionate and empathetic and I grew comfortable in my own skin when speaking to her very quickly. I am now 4 years sober and am so grateful to her for being part of my recovery journey!
— Anonymous, Client
The workshop was very enriching and immersive. I learned a lot about the trauma survivor’s perspective and it would be useful to my work in future.

Facilitator created a safe space for explanation of the topic and nice flow from something intense to a very nice self-care closure and ending! Well done! Great and experiential workshop!

Workshop was fantastic. It made me feel safe and I like that the trainer was respectful and made everyone feel safe.
— Feedback from Workshop: Understanding the Impact of Sexual Assault on Survivors, held in conjunction with a production The Studios 2018 - Leda and the Rage by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.