Applied Theatre


Open Up Conversations

We heal when we connect - with ourselves and with other people.

Sometimes, that connection may be making time for ourselves and practising some self care. Sometimes, it means challenging ourselves and working through some difficult feelings.

Whether we do this one on one, or as a group, starting these conversations is the first step towards healing.


Noticing Feelings

It's almost impossible to name our feelings when we've never learned how. It's hard to observe and not be sucked in by those feelings when we can't name them. All of a sudden we feel like we can't breathe, or like we're drowning, or like we're burning up.

Name those feelings, conquer them and stop them from taking over your life.

Validate your feelings, and start validating others without losing your sense of self in the process.


A New Rhythm

Sometimes we feel a bit stuck, or like our usual life's rhythm has hit a couple of beats that are throwing us off course.

Perhaps our regular rhythms are no longer serving us and are causing more trouble than we'd like.

Enter a safe space where you can explore what it's like to start playing around with some new possibilities, and where you can notice what happens around you when your new rhythms start to flow. 



Create Possibilities for Healing